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Harlem River Blues

Harlem River Blues published on

Lord, I’m goin’ uptown to the Harlem River to drown
Dirty water gonna cover me over and I’m not gonna make a sound

I’m on a roll, mama, I gotta go, gotta get there while I still can
Troubled days are behind me now and I know they’re gonna let me in
When you see me walkin’ up the FDR, just a-singin’ and a-clappin’ my hands
Tell my mama I love her, tell my father I tried, give my money to my baby to spend


Good times come and they go, even a good man’ll break
He’ll let his troubles bury him whole even though he knows what’s at stake
So I’m taking no chances, carrying over while I’m still good in His grace
Sayin’ I’m no fool, mama, I know the difference between tempting and choosing my fate


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