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Haul Away Joe

Haul Away Joe published on

We’re running down a stormy sea and rolling through the thunder
Way haul away, we’ll haul away, Joe
It’s every man aloft my boys or we’ll be driven under
Way haul away, we’ll haul away, Joe

Way haul away, we’re bound for better weather
Way haul away, we’ll haul away, Joe

For seven days and seven nights, we’ve labored to exhaustion
But now the breeze is from the East, we’ll come about for Boston

The ragged heavens open up, we sound the jubilation
The setting sun’s a beacon, boys, a sign of our salvation

When I was a little boy so my mother told me,
That if I didn’t kiss the girls, my lips would all grow moldy

Once I had an English girl, she was fat and lazy
Now I have an Irish girl, she damn near drives me crazy

Way haul away, I’ll sing to you of Nancy,
She stole my watch and money, but she is the girl I fancy

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