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Long Life

Long Life published on

It’s a long life, this I do believe.
I never thought we’d see the end, maybe I was just naive.
On a cold night, you can see your breath so clear!
I always thought that we’d be friends, but friends can disappear.

Time is moving slow
Where’d you go!
Rain turns into snow
Where’d you go!

In a dark house I tiptoe down the stairs.
Open the door and turn on the light, I hope I’ll see you there.
Been a long time, since I heard you call my name!
The sun comes up and I open my eyes, and the snow turns back to rain.

You were long gone, so far away from here.
All I can say at the end of the day, is goodbye to another year.

It’s a long life, but I will not despair.
I open the door and turn on the light, hope I’ll see you there.

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