Bedford Harbour

October come around again, Bedford Harbour
In the new autumn moon / in the southside rented room / on a Sunday afternoon / In the new autumn moon
And the world’s a little older, and the night’s a little colder
If you’re coming back, my lady, do it soon

Fog lies on the water, temporary haze
Will vanish in the sunrise with a feline’s fickle ways
There’s a bar across from Front Street that opens half past nine
And the drunks all gather round, it’ll get ’em off in time

There’s sloops on the harbour, and fishers on the Sound
And the old guys like to sit around the barber shop downtown
And talk about the old times we call the younger day
Remember former glories, and the ones that got away

Sunday on the harbour and the tourists are in town
At the import shop on Sycamore they lay their money down
And they wander down to Front Street to buy a pint of stout
And watch the broken people all thickly strewn about

And each one has a story, and each a private hell
Where the living it ain’t easy, but the view it sure is swell
And the summer people linger til fall is in the air
Then the locals look for comfort, and something warm to wear

And the world is steeped in madness, but you know just where I am
In the southside rented room I do the best I can
And you know it just gets harder to sing the living song
When autumn turns to winter, and winter is so long

And we all lost something somewhere out along the way
Our youth or our dignity, or the way we earn our pay
And if wishes were dollars, we’d all be millionaires
And if loving were easy, I’d see my lady here