England 2016.01 – Travel and Arrival

Tuesday, June 21st to Wednesday, June 22nd

After several crazy weeks of finishing work, traveling, finishing my last comic, exhibiting at a comic festival, and packing up my life, I finally finally flew out of Canada on June 21st, heading for Dublin, Ireland. It is always amazing to me how large Canada is when you have to fly over the whole thing to get where you’re going. The flight from British Columbia to Newfoundland took longer than the leg from Newfoundland to Dublin. Oh, Canada!

I received a lovely surprise on the first leg of my flight when some familiar faces recognized me as I was sitting in my seat on the plane. Those faces turned out to be some of our wonderful neighbours, and it was so nice to see them.

Everything went exceedingly smoothly and I arrived in Dublin at 7:15am with all my luggage. After a speedy customs check (EU passport ftw) I found myself at a loss for how to get to my destination, having nothing but the address, not even a phone number (and no cell phone to call it with). Two very kind people helped me figure out how to get downtown on the bus, where another kind person helped me find the main transit office, to another kind person who showed me exactly how to get to my destination via the bus.

I arrived at what will be my home for a few months, the cozy and comfortable abode of Lady H, where I was able to drop off a large suitcase and a musical instrument. After she filled me with good things to eat, she so wonderfully drove me back to the airport.

I then began the fourth flight of my journey, and as with the other three, I was nodding off and dozing fitfully the entire way in my fourth aisle seat. I must have slept through the announcement that we were landing soon because the only warning I had was when we bumped into a touchdown in Stansted, London, and I awoke with a gasp.

After disembarking and puzzling over the lack of a customs check, I met up with my cousin and we drove back to his place (near Haddenham), picking up delicious fish and chips on the way. After a wonderful meal and reuniting with family I hadn’t seen in ages, I got ready for bed. By then, it had been about thirty hours, and taking off my bra was an almost transcendent experience.

tally ho!