England 2016.02 – Oxford

Thursday, June 23rd to Friday, June 24th

After my first full day in England, which consisted of lounging around the house, grocery shopping, and visiting, day two was full of sightseeing and playing tourist. I took a bus out to Oxford University, where I wandered through the narrow streets and between buildings that are hundreds of years old. It must be very interesting to attend school here, and not just because of the history and famous alumni, but because there are throngs of tourists roaming the campus (myself being one of them). That being said, if you do get a chance to visit Oxford, do, because it really is amazing, and even if you’re on a budget (like only paying for the bus there and back like I did) there’s still quite a bit to see.

If you get off the beaten path a bit, sometimes you find really interesting things.
An aptly named lane for a university.

Another interesting thing I saw was in a neat little museum about old science and technology. There was a globe there old enough that North America was half blank! On my way home, oddly enough, I had the same bus driver to and from Oxford, and even sat behind the same pair of women (who kindly let me use their phone to make a call). I also fell asleep and would have missed my stop, if the bus driver hadn’t remembered where I was getting off. Great people make for great travels!

Radcliffe Camera
C.S. Lewis, the author of the Chronicles of Narnia series, attended Oxford. This is one of his original drawings.
The local library. The Bodleian Libraries to be exact.
Something new to see around every corner!