England 2016.03 – Camden Town and Travel

Saturday, June 25th

The view from where I stayed with my family near Haddenham.

The market in London’s Camden Town is a riot of interesting shops, colourful people, and delicious street food. We arrived in the late morning, and met up with some assorted family members before wandering around and checking out what the market had to offer. My wonderful family treated me to a toasted bagel with pickles and meat (amazing good!) in the food court, I taught them about the word “hangry” (hungry + angry), then we poked around stalls and shops in the horse tunnels. I ended my time with them in a cafe, before heading back to the car to pick up my suitcase.

The London Underground is famous for its “Mind The Gap” slogan, and I have to say that there is something very cool about taking a transit system that has existed in one form or another for 150 years. I took the tube to Victoria Station, and walked to the bus station where I caught the National Express bus to Norwich. On the way to the station, in a shocking twist, I got asked for directions! What a change from my norm. I enjoyed looking out of the windows as we drove out of London, and I got to see the London Eye and Big Ben once more. Unfortunately, I fell asleep pretty soon after that and didn’t wake up again until we were already out in the country.

The drive up was uneventful, and the bus mostly empty. It rained quite heavily for part of the way, and dark clouds squatted on the horizon the rest of the time. I arrived in Norwich according to plan, and my next cousin was there to pick me up.

She made spaghetti for dinner and we had cake for dessert. And so begins a week here!