England 2016.04 – Felbrigg

Sunday, June 26th

I feel like this is pretty quintessential of the English countryside.

Slept great, my cousin made let me sleep in her room, while she is sleeping in the living room. My aunt and uncle came over for coffee and leftover cake from last night. Then they went back to their place to get ready while we made cheese sandwiches for a picnic, and got ready ourselves. They came back over and we all piled into the car and headed for Felbrigg. It was a fair drive, on narrow lanes between fields with thick hedges on either side. Brief glimpses of the countryside could be caught in flashes between gaps in the bushes.

Felbrigg was a large manor house, but the house and lands now belong to the National Trust. There was a lone sheep wandering through the parking field. After using the washroom, we went out into a field along the path a little ways, found a spot in the grass with no sheep poop, and settled in to eat our lunch. On our walk through the grounds, we saw a tree you can crawl into and stand up inside, tiny little frogs that are the same colour as the ground (so you have to watch your step!), swans and cygnets, dragonfly wings, a curious herd of cows, lots of muddy paths, and a small church built with a lot of flint (like many of the buildings in this area).

For size comparison, that’s the base of my thumb it’s sitting on.

A few minutes after we got back in the car, the heavens opened up and there was much rain. We headed for Sherringham, and a few minutes off the main road, the rain stopped. Sherringham is a seaside village, and we had fish and chips for dinner there.

Inside a living tree!
Some kind of disgustingly beautiful flower.
More stupid flowers.
These cows were very interested in the humans people.
It is very very green pretty much everywhere I’ve seen in England.