England 2016.06 – Louth

Monday, July 4th


This poor guy I caught several times, and he actually stayed still long enough for me to photograph (in fact, I had to chase him back into the pond).

Had a very relaxing day in Louth. My uncle and I walked around the town and through some lovely parks, and saw St. James’ Church.

My aunt and uncle have a beautiful garden, tucked away behind several other houses. They grow vegetables and fruit, but my favourite part of the garden is the pond. It’s raised above the path, so you can sit on the edge and look at the snails and tadpoles swimming around, and if you look closely you’ll see several resident frogs. Some of them seem to like to sit in a pile. I spent some time terrorizing photographing them, and even managed to catch a few.

As Alicia would say, the “cuddle puddle.”
They thought they were pretty clever, but the pond isn’t all that big and I always found them eventually.