England 2016.07 – Lincoln

Tuesday, July 5th

The city of Lincoln.

Near Louth is a town called Lincoln, which is (like almost everything in England seems to be) historically significant. But this is especially true of Lincoln.

One of its main attractions is Lincoln Castle, which was built by William the Conqueror on top of the site of an old Roman fortress. It is also the home of one of the original copies of the Magna Carta, of which only four remain today. Much later in life, the castle grounds served as a courthouse (which is still active) and a prison (which is not). I had already been here once before, over ten years ago, and it was extremely cool to go back and recognize certain areas. Unfortunately, the Magna Carta was absent because of trouble with humidity.

The prison also had a lot of information about the Great War, and Lincoln’s role in it as the “birthplace of the tank.” World War One would have gone on for who-knows how many more years without the introduction of the tank, and Lincoln is where the first ones were built. Yah, history!

Another amazing thing that Lincoln offers is a spectacular cathedral. I love stone churches, and just being in them is glorious. I think it would be especially cool to attend one, knowing how many people have been there and all the history it’s been through.

After leaving Lincoln, we headed for Newark to pick up my cousin from the train station, then had dinner there. Pizza was great, service was slow. Oh well!

Lincoln Cathedral taken from Lincoln Castle.
Grass at home never looks this good.