England 2016.08 – York

Wednesday, July 6th

Clifford’s Tower, just across from the York Castle Museum,
Seems like a legit place to make a business phone call.

Today we got up early, and headed for the city of York, which has a history that goes back at least to Roman times, and evidence suggests thousands of years further than that. After crossing the Humber Bridge, we parked and rode the bus into the city center, and missed our walking tour by mere minutes. Sadly, the Minster (the big cathedral in York) was closed today. So we wandered down the Shambles (the very famous butchers’ street) and over to the York Castle Museum, which has a fascinating exhibit about fashion over the last 400 years, and a full sized recreation of an old Victorian city street that you can walk around, which has exhibits inside the shop windows. On the other side of the museum is a section that used to be a prison. Two prisons in two days – not bad! This one had an exhibit about World War One, so I’m now brushed up on my World War histories.

Bootham Bar (the North-Western gate of the old Roman wall), and the Minster (York’s cathedral) behind it.
Part of what’s left of St. Mary’s Abbey.

After the museum, we went to a grocery store and bought sandwiches, and ate them next to the fountain where the next walking tour would be starting. At 2:15pm, we began a wonderful free tour of York, with a knowledgeable guide to lead us through what’s left of the Roman fort, St. Mary’s Abbey, the King’s Manor, over the walls that still surround the heart of the city starting at Bootham Bar, the North-Western gate. We walked along the top of the old Roman walls, and back down at Monk Bar, the North-Eastern gate.

We left the tour before the end because we had to head home for an early night, and hit traffic of course. Home and to bed for a very early start tomorrow!