High Barbary

There was a gallant lofty ship, a-sailing on the sea
Blow high! Blow low! and so sailed we.
And our captain he was searching for the pirate enemy
A sailing down all on the coast of High Barbary

Look ahead, look a stern, look the weather in the lee
I see a wreck to windward and a lofty ship to lee

“Oh, hail her, oh, hail her,” our gallant captian cried
“Are you a man-o-war or a privateer?” cried he

“No I’m not a man-o-war nor privateer,” cried he
“But I’m a salt sea pirate all a-searching for me fee!”

For broadside, for broadside a long time we lay
Until at last the frigate shot the pirate’s mast away.

“For quarter! For quarter!” the saucy pirates cried,
The quarter that we gave them was to sink them in the tide.

But woe, it was a cruel sight, and grieve-ed us, full sore,
And see them all a-drowning as they tried to swim to shore

With cutlass and gun, we fought for hours three;
And the ship it was their coffin and their grave it was the sea