Lured to the Depths

A siren’s life is sad ’tis true,
Lust lost in the deep blue sea,
Waiting for a fine ship’s crew,
Only fish… for company.

The moon is right, the lights are dim,
Come here we’ll not drown,
Join us now and take a swim,
You males will wrap… our tails around.

We’ll drag you down in the miry swell,
And crack your bones like a lobster shell,
And send your foul soul straight to hell!
You lads will have a tale to tell.

There’s a salt water itch that needs a scratch,
We think you boys will do,
With a lusty maid here for each man,
And for the captain… two.

Our nails are sharp, and we’re really keen,
To see the colour of each man’s spleen,
And we’re just starting to get mean!
Yoo-hoo, boys! We’re only seventeen.

Out on the cold and barren reef,
All alone on the rocks,
Waiting for men for our relief,
Waiting for sailors with massive… socks!

We’ll burn thy ship and watch thee fry,
As the sharks begin you’ll scream and cry,
Jump in lads, it’s time to die!
See any seafood you’d like to try?

You sailors say you like it rough,
You ain’t seen nothing yet,
We know all sorts of naughty tricks,
And since we’re fish, we’re always… wet.

You’re in arms too late to flee,
You’ll die with a smile we guarantee,
And then we’ll go out on a spree!
There’s lots more sailors in the sea.