Mickey Relligan’s Pup

Old Mickey Relligan had a bold pup
He was reared in the elegant style
For seventeen hours of battle he fought
And he kept time himself by the clock

His head was a neat little bit of a stump
Bow-legged with two crooked eyes
One look at his ugly mug was enough
Was the devil himself in disguise

Bow wow wow what a wonderful dog
For fighting he’d never give up
There never was owned such a wonderful dog
As old Mickey Relligan’s pup

He tore the tail off Maloney’s best goat
Ate the dress off of MaryAnn Flynn
And ran between young Biddy Mullins’ knees
Now wasn’t that truly a sin
And then he took off with the shoemaker’s dog
And he shook him around like a rat
Then he frightened Jim Flaherty’s beautiful goat
Ate the tail off of Mullins’ cat

An Italian came around with an organ one day
And a monkey tied fast to a string
And when the pup saw him he roared with delight
And he made a most wonderful spring
Sheryup! said the monkey, the grinder and all
And he busted the organ inside
Bejeepers, I thought he would swallow that munk
But he choked on his tail and he died