Rolling Sea

Don’t you see the ships a-coming? Don’t you see them in full sail?
Don’t you see the ships a-coming with the prizes at their tail?

Oh, my little Rolling sailor, oh, my little Rolling he;
How I love my Rolling sailor, when he’s on a Rolling sea.

Sailors they get all the money, soldiers they get none but brass;
How I love my Rolling sailor, soldiers they may kiss my arse.

How can I be blithe and merry, with my true love far from me,
All those pretty little sailors they’ve been pressed and tain to sea.

How I wish the press were over and all the wars were at an end;
Then every sailor laddie would be happy with his friend.

When the wars they are all over and peace and plenty come again
Everybody’s sailor laddie will come sailing on the main

All the wars will soon be over and the sailors once come home,
Every lass will get her lad, she won’t have to sleep alone.