Rowdy Soul

I’m a rowdy soul I’m a rowdy soul
And I don’t care whether I work or not

Come here dog and get your bone,
Tell me which shoulder do you want it on.
A penny off and a penny on,
One more load and I’ll be gone

I didn’t plant no corn this year,
Didn’t plant no beans or tomatoes.
I didn’t plant no corn this year
but damn those Irish potatoes.

I saw the captain’s coat,
Just hangin’ upon the wall.
I stole the captain’s coat,
And I wore it to the fancy dress ball.

Next time I build my house
Gonna build my chimney higher.
Mud daubers flyin’ round
Gonna put me outta my fire.

Got my knapsack on my back
My Rifle’s on my shoulder.
Every year that I spend out here,
I feel a life time older