The SALTS Alphabet

A is the anchor that holds the bold ship
B is the bowsprit that often does dip
C is the compass that shows us the way
D is the deck that gets scrubbed every day

So, hi derry, ho derry, hey derry down,
Give sailors their grog and there’s nothing goes wrong,
So merry, so merry, so merry are we,
No matter who’s laughing at sailors at sea.

E is the ensign that waves in the breeze
F is for fair winds and following seas
G is this gaff-rigg-ed schooner that soars
H is for hauling, let’s sail once more!

I is for icebergs that come night or day
J is the jib that is rigged to the stay
K is the keel which keeps our ship right
L are the lines that keep sails in flight

M is for mug-up, with music and friends
N is the night watch, with which the day ends
O is the ocean across which we rip
P the Pacific Grace, our great ship

Q is for quarters, your watch for to take
R is the rigging that often does shake
S is being seasick, which dampens some days
T are trainees who have fun anyways

U is the ugliest old Skipper you know
V is our voyage, new places to go
W the whales and wildlife we spot
X is where treasure is buried… or not!

Y is for you and for me, now so tight
Z is for zodiac, orange so bright
SALTS is the place that I feel most at home
While off on adventures, forever to roam