The Selkie

I am a sailor
And I sail the seven seas
I am the son of a selkie they say
Never at home on land, always alone I am
I am the one who lives on the sea

Waves on the water
foam on the waves
emotion, creation
the waters you crave
The ocean, hypnotic
She rises and falls
Spiraling, swelling
So sweetly she calls
You’re going home again!

My mother a mermaid, my father a sailor
He left on water one bright summer day
I watched and waited
He never came home again
Left me alone to make my own way

Sun on the ocean
Salt in the air
Play in the tide
On a beach somewhere
Step in the water
Swim from the shore
Live in my waves
You’re going home again!

My mother she longed
To go to the sea again
Pined for the ocean, her life in the sea
She found her skin, then went back home again
Left me on land to long for the sea

Wind on the water
waves on the sea
Look in the water
My face you’ll see
Caught by the fisherman
Stuck on the shore
I found my skin
I am human no more
I’m going home again!

My spirit of ocean, my body of land, I am
Never at home when I touch the shore
I sail the seas in search of my past I am
Out on the sea, I’m free once more

Waves on the water,
Break on the shore
Tides pull you into
The waves once more
Late in the evening
Smell of the sea
Ebb and the flow
That will set you free
You’re going home again!


I am the son of McMan Mclir I am
I am the son of a selkie they say*
I sail the ocean in search of my past I am
I am the one who lives for the sea

I am your mother
I love you still
Come to the water
Come stay with me*
Never forget
Your life is an island
You come from the water
You’ll go there again…

I am the life
I am the power
I am the one
That crashes to shore
I am the spirit
God of the ocean
I am the father
And you are of me