What Care We

Oh what care we for the farmer’s life when you’re hauling grain all day
When the neighbours stare and the tempers flare,you can’t blow them away

What care we for the surgeon’s life, broken legs and busted jaws
Where there’s blood and gore and often more that you didn’t get to cause

What care we for the blacksmith’s life, though it seems inhumane
For the pokers burn and sizzle, but you don’t cause no one pain

What care we for the butcher’s life, though it might seem a dream
For you hack and stab and slash and spike, but you never hears them scream

There are some that want life’s quiet, and then there are a few
Who seeks a wild adventure, and perhaps some violence too

What makes the blood grow hot in your veins and pass from the farm you flee
Don’t look to your left for the love of your life, instead hear the call of the sea
And a life of piracy!